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The Itaú Social Foundation

Itaú believes that education holds the key to comprehensive development in Brazil in a sustainable manner. The bank’s contribution in terms of social responsibility has come through the Itaú Social Foundation. The foundation’s activities focus on the development, implementation and dissemination of methodologies aimed at improving public policy on education and the evaluation of social projects.

Founded in 2000, the foundation operates throughout Brazil in partnership with each of the three levels of government (federal, state and municipal), the private sector and civil society organizations. These strategic partnerships help provide a diverse set of goals and points-of-view, thus helping in the development of solutions for the needs of the Brazilian people. They also help guarantee continuity and scale, so that programs can reach more beneficiaries.

In addition to external partnerships, the Itaú Social Foundation also counts on the support of the bank. Several business departments provide technical support to make social programs possible. The bank’s branch network provides important support in publicizing initiatives, which in turn encourages closer ties to local communities. These internal alliances are strengthened by a shared conceptual, strategic and operational orientation that unites the foundation with the rest of the organization.

By working together with public agencies and other partners, the foundation can ensure that projects gain local support and identities and that they reach their full potential, attending local demands and increasing the ability to influence public policy. In addition, by systematizing knowledge and making it widely available, the methodologies can be better disseminated and transparency and openness ensured. Thus the scope of the activities is increased.

In 2011, the foundation was invited to participate of the Innovation Fair of the annual meeting of the Economic and Social Council of ONU. The foundation was the only Brazilian institution to participate in the event and presented the proposals of "Olimpíada da Lingua Portuguesa", "Escrevendo o Futuro" and "Prêmio Itaú Unicef".

The activities and programs that the foundation develops and supports focus on holistic education, reading and writing, creating greater opportunities for young people in society, and the promotion of the idea of economic analysis of social projects. Partners on the educational front include the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the National Union of Municipal Leaders in Education (UNDIME) and Canal Futura (TV Channel). The Center for Study and Research in Education, Culture and Community Action (CENPEC) provides technical oversight for several projects.

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